My Breeder Supply


Compared to other systems, that do not actively control semen temperature, the Ship-Mate (lite) slowly cools down and holds the temperature at exactly 5°C/41°F. This makes a huge difference in semen viability even on shipments that take up to 4 days. And it is small so overnight and return shipping costs are considerably less.

Ship-Mate (lite) has been updated, after reviewing customer comments, to make it simpler and faster.

To help make Ship-Mate (Lite) easier to use, we have removed the data log feature. Originally this feature allowed users to download trip data to a PC for viewing data in a chart.

The original Color LED used for playing back trip data has been re-located to inside the thermos instead on the outside of the lid.

We have also changed the way trip playback was initialized. Instead of swiping your finger across a light sensor, now you simply press a button.