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FineCare Progesterone Testing Machine

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The biggest reason for failed or small litters is incorrect breed timing

I have been using this since March 2020. Wish I had purchased it years ago. Absolutely love it. Takes just 15 minutes for a accurate reliable test. And it costs just $9 per test. So you can afford to test often and get a successful breeding. And use it for a reverse progesterone test to time the C-Section too. I’m so impressed with the machine and I became a distributor

Save time and money going to the Vet. Stop exposing your girls to other sick animals. And More importantly get larger litters delivered at the right time. A single lost puppy, or worse lost liter will pay for this machine many times over.

Draw just 1mL of blood, spin with a centrifuge and add plasma to the test cassette. Simple

No yearly expensive machine calibration. Buy test kits 10 at a time. Every box comes with a calibration chip.

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