My Breeder Supply


Thousands of Successful Shipments! Guaranteed!

Ship-Mate is used to ship semen for breeding purposes and uses the latest technology to constantly monitory and control the chilling process.

The compact size and weight of the unit, keeps shipping costs to a minimum.

Breeders are no longer limited to using those bulky brainless cold boxes that usually kill semen before the trip is over.

Rest assured knowing your investment and time are protected by Ship-Mate. Ship and forget!

Thousands of successful shipments. Guaranteed! 

You can opt to purchase our latest version, Ship-Mate Lite. This version has all the latest features to successfully ship semen. However, after reviewing user feedback, a number of changes have been made. Most changes were simply cosmetic but also the charting software has been removed, which few people ever used. These changes allowed us to reduce our manufacturing costs to half the price.